Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bauchi Failed Bomber Dies in Hospital

The male suicide bomber that was on Tuesday ripped apart by his own explosive device in Bauchi, after travelling by public transport for more than 393 km with the device from Yola, Adamawa State is DEAD. He died at the University of Bauchi Teaching Hospital (UBTH) were he was taken for treatment.
The bomber who was before his death closely monitored by security agents, travelled in a commercial bus to Bauchi, concealing the bomb in his backpack.
Luck ran out on the bomber when he carelessly dropped the bag on the floor to urinate in a corner. The device subsequently detonated, dismembering his lower limb and fingers.
Shortly after the incident, while conscious and in pains, the bomber told onlookers - including police officers who had come to arrest him - that he was part of a larger cell of the terrorist Boko Haram sect who are infiltrating the city to carry out an assignment in “God’s name.”
He said his colleagues were on their way to the city from other towns. When thoroughly searched, a gun was found on him, which the police reportedly took away.
The command's Police Public Relations Officer DSP Idris Abdullahi Abubakar stated that “prior to his death the bomber he confirmed that he was a member of the Boko Haram sect".

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