Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dead man's avenging spirit kills 15 family members

An avenging spirit of a Mozambican man who was allegedly killed in cold blood in 1989 for ritual purposes to enhance a grinding mill business has so far KILLED 15 family members.
This was in an unfolding court case at the Mutare Civil Courts in which two Mutare men from Fairbridge Park low-density suburb are seeking a peace order against Chief Zimunya, Headman Chitiyo and eight family members whom they are accusing of forcing them to consult a traditional healer over the matter.
The two applicants, Abel and Douglas Mvududu, accused their relatives of forcing them to consult a traditional healer (n'anga/sangoma) over the mysterious deaths in the family. Relatives allege that sometime in 1989 Abel killed his domestic worker in Gombakomba, A Mozambican named Vasco Frashisco for rituals in a bid to make money in his grinding mill business.
Victor who is accusing the two aapplicants said: "Our father's brother, Abel, killed a man and put his blood on a grinding mill because he wanted to be successful. Hew lied to the family that the Mozambican had left for his country only for us to discover that that he was murdered in cold blood by our uncle. The family has lost over 15 people since 1989 and some are facing numerous problems in life."
Victor said after the death of the 15 people, they decided as a family to approach a traditional healer who told them that the avenging spirit of Frashisco needed to be appeased. They were told that to solve their misery they had to part with nine cattle and three goats. They were shown the directions to Frashisco's homestead in Mozambique.
"We are accepting our fate as a family but the problem is that the culprit behind the problems, who are now VERY WEALTHY don't want to co-operate and assist. They are LIVING GOOD LIVES while we are suffering. My father is dead because of the avenging spirit of Frashisco. Abel and Douglas are the only fathers left in the family but they are refusing to cede to the demands by Frashisco. Abel's children are all abroad doing well at our own expense and he is not even willing to spend a cent and help the family. Instead he had dragged us to court," said another family member identified as Jeremiah.
Bhasera, who is also a respondent to the peace order said: "Douglas is not the one who murdered the Mozambican. I am surprised why he is taking Abel's side and I don't even know what has entered into my brother's minds. They have changed and I am even afraid of approaching them. I just want them to reason with us and solve these misfortunes that have befallen the family."
Headman Chitiyo also fumed and said the applicants had belittled the powers of the chief. "Nyaya idzi dzengozi dzinotongwa kumatare amambo kana sabhuku vanhu voripa ngozi yopera mumusha. They are trying to run away from the real story by seeking a peace order. They have to pay nine beasts and 3 goats which are required to appease the spirit of the deceased. That's what we know in our tradition," said Headman Chitiyo.
The applicants are being represented by Mr Akisai Dhliwayo and the respondents by Mr Chris Ndlovu.

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