Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Horror As Innocent Children And Adults Accused Of Witchcraft Tortured And Killed In Akwa Ibom State - Photos

Akwa Ibom "child witches
There has been a renewed and vigorous hunt for alleged witches and wizards inAkwa Ibom State, the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where hundreds of victims are systematically put through a string of tortured and killed by irate youths with tacit support of some elders.
Mkpat Enin, a Local Government in Akwa Ibom State; a community besieged by a virus called extreme poverty; the very disease that is plaguing the oil rich states in the Niger Delta region. With the country's highest percentage of illiteracy, it is definitely not immune to the hash reality and belief of witchcraft. This is a phenomenon that has put Akwa Ibom state in the front burner in the international scene of recent. Despite government denial, the situation has been on the rise and since government. Some of the witch hunts and torture are done in the night, as surprise attacks are sprung on the accused unprepared.
Witch burnt
Last week, the Mkpat community was besieged by thousands of people who thronged to witness the torture and humiliation of alleged ‘witches’ and ‘wizards’.
More than forty members of the community were dragged before a kangaroo panel headed by the village head of Ikot Abia, and retired head of the government cooperative bank, Chief Okon Udoaka for alleged witchcraft practice.
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