Thursday, 21 June 2012

Third Mainland Bridge To Be Closed For Four Months For Repairs Starting From July 1st

The state of the Lagos third mainland bridge is no news, as many times people ply that bridge with their hearts in their stomachs, because of the deplorable state of the bridge. Many calls have been made by Nigerians for the bridge to be repaired, but prior to this time, only minor repair work has been done on it, but with the increasing fear for lives and properties, we have just received information that the bridge will be closed for repairs from July 1 2012 to November 6 2012, this is to aid adequate repair work to be carried out on it.
There is fear in the heart of Nigerians over the pain and hardship this will cause as the Third mainland bridge is a major traffic route for people going the Victoria Island, Ikoyi and many other parts of Lagos state, but the government has decided that the citizens should bear this slight pain at the expense of a bigger calamity if the bridge collapses in the near future.

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