Friday, 13 July 2012

18-year-old tries to rob policeman… in a police station (yeah, it didn’t end well)

Everyone knows well enough not to do a practical joke on a wrong audience, not to talk of practicing it with a police officer – in a police station!
Keithan Manuel is however finding this out the hard way. Manuel, 18, allegedly walked into the Wilmer Police Department, Dallas, with a white towel covering his hands, approached the dispatch window and ordered the Communications Officer to give him all her money.
He later changed his demand by asking if there had been a warrant on him.
He pressed on with the demand threatening the officer saying, “You do know I have a gun, right!”
At this point, the officer decided she’s had enough with the ‘clown’ and called for backup officers from another agency. The officers arrived and were able to take him down at gunpoint.
It turns out the teenager didn’t have a gun.
CBS News reported that after he was subdued, Manuel claimed he “didn’t say nothing like that, I swear to God; that’s why they didn’t find no guns on me.
“Man I play like that all the time, I didn’t think she would take it seriously.”
Well, the mean looking officers didn’t quite get the memo.
Patrice Hughey, the communications officer, however disputed his claimed saying she recalls the teenager telling her otherwise earlier.
The police department were apparently not impressed with his act as he still remains in the Dallas County Jail with a $200,000 bond for several charges, including Robbery hanging on his head.
Police boss, Victor Kemp said: “This young man wasn’t using his head for sure, you hear of those World’s Dumbest Criminals every once in a while but you never think it’s gonna happen in your city.”
We hope this episode won’t put too big a dent in Manuel’s ‘stick-up’ comedy career.

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