Saturday, 7 July 2012

The $6 Million Man-made Floating Island

The “Orsos Island” is the passion project of Hungarian-born Gabor Orsos, a former hotelier who wanted to combine the perks of a luxury hotel with the flexibility of a superyacht.
The “island” — measuring 37 meters long — can be anchored anywhere in the world that its owner fancies. But buyers beware, the small on-board diesel engines are designed for small journeys. Tug-boats are a required accessory for long-haul excursions.
If the island’s owners inadvertently find themselves as island castaways, the vessel is designed to be self-sustaining. It can make drinking water from seawater and the top deck roof is covered in 160 square meters of solar panels.
The “Orsos Island” will set you back a hefty $6.5 million. Less than the average gigayacht, substantially more than the average house-boat.
Tired of swimming in the boring old ocean? Don’t fret, there’s the obligatory on-board jacuzzi for those who prefer their water with artificially heated and manufactured bubbles.
Those who dream of an ocean-bound barbeque can sleep easy in the knowledge that the island does indeed have a barbeque on the main deck – and this time no neighbors to complain about the smell of burnt fish.
There’s large entertainment room in the “hull” of the island – perfect for those karaoke singers who are best heard beneath sea-level.
The “island” has six ensuite double bedrooms, all featuring huge panoramic windows and widescreen TVs. There is also plenty of accommodation for staff — perfect for a super lazy holiday.

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