Monday, 2 July 2012

7 years after crash in Lisa: BELLVIEW WAS BOMBED–Red Cross Chief

.....A top official of the Red Cross, Professor Charles Ohiku, made the startling revelation in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun in Lagos. Prof Ohiku, who led the Red Cross rescue team at the crash scene, said that unlike the recent Dana plane crash, no human skull was found at the scene of the Bellview crash because it was blown up.
“I headed the rescue team at the Bellview plane crash site at Lisa, Ogun State. That plane was blown. That is why the probe report can never come out till tomorrow. “That plane didn’t just drop from the sky. By the time we got there the following morning, we could not find even one human head
He continued: “Why have they not released the black box findings? They will not do so even till tomorrow. And you all know the personalities in that plane. One of them was Waziri Mohammed, chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) then. Majority
of the people on that plane came from Ota Farm to board the plane. They came from Ota Farm to Lagos to board that plane at Ikeja Airport, and the plane landed at Lisa, Ogun State, imagine that. ..........
I already knew dis 7 years ago. The evidence was there. dat's why d exact crash site could not be traced easily. Coz d engine was somewhere the wings were elsewhere and passengers non-existent. It obviously went up in flames mid-air and literally fell off the sky. It was bombed. The plane was due for maintenance but dis was ignored coz it was doomed to go down. The pilot was supposed to be off dat day but was compelled to go one last trip which ended up being fatal. It was all planned. No doubt. There was no "May Day" emergency call from d pilot. Why? coz he was already dead. The plane was bombed and this was evident 7 years ago.
Just sorry he had to bring back the sad news.

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