Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Aso Ebi Colour blocking..
I can't help but notice the colorful fashion trend amongst our foreign and local celebrities which is also pitching a tent amongst our campus girls. One such colourful trend that has been quite popular is colour blocking. Whether you are wearing one bold colour from head to toe, or mixing and matching colours from opposite ends of the spectrum, colour blocking is a guaranteed head turner. When done right, it can look absolutely chic. Below are a few colour blocking commandments to help get you started......
1. Thou Shall Use Solids: mixing trends can be fun and a way to set yourself aside from the copycaters of fashion mag’s who do everything by the book. However, mixing the wrong trends would be style suicide. So as much as you may want to throw in a print or pattern such as stripes with your color blocking extravagance…please note that color blocking is most righteously done with solids for the full color effect.
2. Thou Shall Strive for Color Balance: yes fashion is both art and science. This color balancing aspect may very well be the trickiest of tasks. When color blocking, all items must have equivalent pizzazz. If you choose one pastel hue, all other colors must be of the same color depth. If you choose a bright cobalt blue, then your other colors must be just as bold such as a fire engine red. Mixing pastel and bolds might turn out well for you but it won’t give you the color blocking look that has been haute for at least the last four years.
3. Thou shall Use Complementary Colors: To avoid becoming an eyesore, it’s best that you choose complementary colours. To do this, it might be worthwhile consulting a colour wheel. Start with basic colour combinations such as blue and red or blue and orange. That said, don’t be afraid to try out some unconventional colour combinations. Sometimes you just might be surprised at what colours work well together!
These are just food for thought next time you want to add a splash of colour to your outfit. Will you be trying out the colour blocking trend any time soon? If yes, pls don't go overboard with colors and if no, stay stylish... Ciao

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