Sunday, 8 July 2012

I am not a daring person — Sisi Oge queen

I am 21 years old from Osun State. I studied Banking and Finance at Babcock University, I also hold a masters in International Business Management from Bradford University in the United Kingdom. I am into network marketing, hotel management and event planning.
Why I went for a beauty pageant
I am a lover of culture, which Sisi Oge is all about. Besides, I was encouraged to go for it because I knew there won’t be a swim suit segment. It’s not as if I am ashamed of my body but as a Yoruba lady, my culture does not permit that.
My parents? Well, my mother was my greatest fan and she even flew in from the United Kingdom to watch me strut on stage.
My challenges in camp as a contestantWe were all unique in our own ways, so it was not like I was scared of anybody. I put in my best and allowed God crown my efforts with success which he did. While on stage? I almost passed out! I was very nervous but I had to put up a brave face. I remember requesting for water because I was hot inside me. There were several tense moments. Maybe if I had participated in a pageant before this, I might have been able to handle it better. Thank God I did not allow my uneasiness to get the better of me. I was so uncomfortable that I did not even hear them announce my name. But when I saw my mother and aunt jumping, it dawned on me that I had won.
I try as much as possible not to mix a lot of colours together when I am dressed. I am not a daring person, so I rarely experiment with clothes. I love shoes and I have lots of them. I don’t have any favourite designers but the shoes must be fantastic.
Life as Sisi-Oge
I am going to be Afro-centric in my dressing and at the same time, I am not going to be far away from western attire. There is a way in which I can create a blend between the two. My pet project? I want to impart knowledge about our culture into young children. It’s going to be a catch-them-young project. It is codenamed, triple C. It means Children cultural centre. It’s a platform that would include an entertainment centre where kids can learn about African values and heritage.
Beauty and fitness
I just wake up in the morning, have my shower, moisturise, cleanse and I am off. I use Clarins and Clinique products. To keep fit, I don’t do a lot of things. I just try to eat the right food and in the right quantity. I rarely workout at home, I think I had enough of that in camp.
Social life
I like to hang out with my friends, go to the movies and I love discovering restaurants. I like to taste food, so I make it a habit to visit restaurants.
My dream
At the beginning of this year, I never envisaged that I would participate in a pageant let alone win it. I pray that God help me in this new venture.
I am married to my crown, my reign and Sisi-Oge at the moment.
• Sikeola Olowe is the winner the beauty pageant, Sisi-Oge 2012
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