Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Not Against Lesbianism- Female Singer Asa Confessed!

Olubunmi Elemide was later today docked by Yinka Muyiwa and Yinka Muyiwa Chambers, lawyer for News of the People, one of the society magazines in Nigeria where she confessed her candid opinion about lesbianism. During the about 25 minutes interrogation, Asha as she is well known, confessed that she is never against lesbianism. In her word "I don't hate them but I don't condone such an act". Asha, at the Lagos High Court, TBS Annex admitted that she has never being harassed by any female before ever neither did the story written by News of the People published years back directly called her a lesbian but "it suggests I am a lesbian, that's the impression it has created in the minds of people" she averred. Justice Coker who presided over the case was not only enjoying the drama between the lawyer and Asha but adjourned the case to July 13th for further hearing. Asha, for those who don't know is Nigeria's famous singer who plays Jazz with a fusion that has carved a niche for her.

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