Monday, 23 July 2012

Nail Art Ideas

Discovering brand new nail painting techniques is so much fun. Have a look at the animal print nail art ideas for summer which allow you to play up your feline side. Skim through the voguish color combos and print mixing options before you make your final decision and choose your next manicure.For a show-stopping effect don't forget to match the right shades to your skin tone. Incorporate these chic patterns into your wardrobe and nail art styles to stay up to date with the newest beauty trends.

Everyone should try animal print manicures at least once. Enjoy the confidence boost these ultra-modern nail styles offer you. In order to nail down a minimalist and simple version of this mani all you have to do is choose a base tone and apply a few chic cheetah spots on it. However, you can also take things to another level by combining animal prints with hearts, stripes and glittery glam details. Browse through the following selection of voguish nail models until you find your dream manicure. Use the same patterns for your pedicure if you want to create a harmonious and fun effect.

Give yourself a fabulous manicure in your own home. Secure the perfect conditions for a chic painting session like purchasing a few high-quality nail polish formulas and additional accessories. Moreover, it is also important to remove any traces of cosmetics and old nail varnish from your nails. Simple animal print nail designs are for everyone. Refuse to spend a fortune on a professional session and learn how to keep your nails in top shape on a pocket-friendly price.

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