Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu's Ex-Fiancee Marries 8 Months Pregnant Bride. How He And His Bride Duped Toyin

 If this is true, it not fair on Toyin Aimakhu, she announced that young man to the whole world as her husband and even when he was granting interviews just after their break up, she kept mute. We need to remember God in all we do. Let's keep our fingers crossed as the story unfolds.On friday 6th of July 2012, Kunle Fatai Soyombo, former fiancee of popular actress Toyin Aimaku married his 8months pregnant fiancee who also coincidentally bears Toyin.

We decided to investigate the matter because Kunle who separated from Toyin Aimaku in March granted interviews stating that he ended the relationship because of her infidelity, and continued by saying he never during the course of their relationship cheated on her. How then did the pregnant fiancee come about? Immaculate conception?

Kunle and Toyin Aimaku started their relationship sometime around last year March. They got very close and decided to move in together. The romance blossomed and many taught the couple were married as they lived like husband and wife. Contrary to what Kunle stated in the papers, our sources tell us Toyin was indeed very faithful to him all through the course of their relationship.
From our investigation, BON online gathered that while Kunle was dating Toyin Aimaku, he was dating on the side the lady he got married to. Infact our sources tell us that Kunle connived with his new wife to dupe Toyin Aimaku and dated her just to reap her off. We are told that sometime in December 2011, Kunle lost his mom. Toyin Aimaku visited his family house and saw the new bride there. She however assumed she was probably a cousin or family friend as there was no reason to suspect Kunle of infidelity and moreover she was pregnant with Kunle’s child at that time. She however lost the baby before Kunle ended the relationship.
It was from the blues, around March this year, Kunle decided to call it quits, for no genuine reason. Worse still he went away with Toyin’s car a Honda, sold it, then purchased a new car. Yet Kunle went around telling whoever cared to listen that he ended the relationship because Toyin was unfaithful.Toyin refused to make any noise about the incident, and decided to leave it all to God and let sleeping dogs lie. She has since moved on with her life.
The truth has now come to light as it is clear that not only did Kunle cheat on her, he is also dupe. We just hope the new couple remembers that no one gains true happiness by making another unhappy. Here are pictures from Kunle’s wedding yesterday.
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