Wednesday, 25 July 2012

PHOTO Of The Day: Governor Of Bayelsa State Licking Mrs Jonathans Foot.

Thats our dear President Goodluck Jonathan and wife, and that the Governor of Bayelsa state licking her feet. Study that picture very well...between the president and his wife, who's holding each other.....No comment shaa...But to find out what people are saying click read more below.Anyi Igbanda Or put it this way, Dame P. Goodluck rocks!!!
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Maxi Okwu ‎@Anyi I concede.
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Anyi Igbanda How can a woman who cannot express herself in English language got secretarial job from the state government of Bayelsa?
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Okey Nwofor Products of OBJ misrule. Saddening of our lot as Nigerians that we have to tolerate for as we await for 2015.
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Chuka Ahanihu Hillarious catoon,this is now shoe licking
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Okolie Nnamdi Emmanuel then she can speak her dialect afterall English is a borrowed
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Barr Nta A Nta Dame P is very much in charge
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Salobra Okey Ezeakaibie Obj people,permanent sec n a rd in abj being after her for wat?
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Aju Elumelu James

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Mba-inyi Victor Madam Peshe's picking of cricket while carrying an elephant on her head is a clear act of ungratefulness to God and to Nigeria who made her Her mother.
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Dele Ajaja If there is a book of 'decorum' in Nigeria, the chapter called "Conflict of Interest" must be missing from it. How could you appoint your 'boss's wife' as your subordinate? You are simply offering her the tax-payer's money, for no job done. There's a lot of idiotic bootlickers in Nigeria.
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Chinedum Jaja-Wachuku She says she is doing it cos she will have no pension when her husbsnd reties. Today she is PS. Do not be suprised when the bigher institution she claims to have gone to comes out to reward her with an honourary doctorate degree. Was suprised to read she was a graduate. Yet..... Cannot speak or express herself in English. Please do not givd me the crap about second language. U either speak it or u dont.
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Salobra Okey Ezeakaibie God bless u chinedum for saying the way it is,some punks were afraid to voice out there disgust abt her,n some idiots r praising her,for wat? using her name as a rd in abj because she is who?wat has she done for Nigeria to deserve her name being used for rd,give me a brake,the whole permanent sec is a joke n naming a rd after her is insane,simple,take me to court.
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Max Gbanite SOE; pls what will or can u do to change what has happened; and @ Jaja-Wachukwu; is speaking good english a criteria for political appointment, winning elections in Nigeria? goodluck to u, Goodluck to me, goodluck to everybody...ewoooh! if u don't like it, kindly stop it.
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Prince Emeka Onyeneho ‎:~ Funny cartoon. But I'd rather see the ass-kissing variety.
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Westly Paul Monsi
Gentlemen and ladies, Madam Jonathan did nothing wrong, the only mistake is she did not know the worth of the office of a first lady, poor patient jonathan thinking perm sec is higher than first lady whereas Perm sec are looking for ways ...See More
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Xavier Ikeche It shows the humility in Dame Patience to serve her state under commissioners and continue her career, office of first lady is not recognized by the constitution as it is an aberration created by IBB with his wife,s insatiable penchant for public office
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Maxi Okwu Xavier I presume you are talking tongue in the cheek!
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Adanma Okpara Igbo woman in charge!
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Maxi Okwu ‎@All did anyone notice in the cartoon who between Ebele and Dame P. was holding the others hand?
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Chinedum Jaja-Wachuku Maxi, u are wicked. yes i noticed. and the expression!! anything u say my dear
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Rucson O'fordile ‎@Maxi,where is Dame from...i mean her state of origin?
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Maxi Okwu ‎@Rucson Rivers State. Okrika specifically.
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Uche Ezechukwu I love this cartoon. What else will the man lick?
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Barr Ikechukwu Nzeh This is real sycophancy on display. May God help this country.
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