Saturday, 4 August 2012


22-year-old boy in Abuja commits suicide after being accused of stealing 2,000 pounds
The residence of Corper Estate in Dawaki Abuja saw wonder on Friday morning when a 22 year old boy who was identified as Solo committed suicide for being accused of stealing 2,000 pounds belonging to a tenant who lives in the compound solo worked as a security man.
The spirit of death trapped Solo on Friday morning when the tenant whose 2,000 pounds was stolen confronted the deceased for stealing the money. Solo was confronted based on the local investigation carried out within the compound.  During the confrontation, Solo had insisted that he had no knowledge of the missing money. The tenant who left the house angrily had threatened to get the deceased arrested for questioning.
Solo who had boasted that he was not bothered about the tenant's threat later hung himself in his room around 10 am of the same day. Eyewitness account narrated that Solo had made frantic calls to his family members in Kaduna shortly before he hung himself.  Another security man who works in the same estate had narrated that Solo who was brought in by one of the agents who supervises the Estate had expressed great anger over the allegation of theft leveled against him before he died.
According to Julius " I have never seen Solo in that mood before, however, his anger subsided after we started chatting outside the gate, suddenly he went inside and later came outside with N200, asking me to get call card for him from a nearby vendor, that he got his airtime exhausted while talking to some relatives. I went and got him the call card, and waited outside for him to join me, but he never did. When my brother came out and was looking for him, we had to go to his door, and when we looked through the window, we discovered he was standing, but was not moving. That was when we forced the door open and found him dead with a big rope coiled round his neck."
Speaking further on how he had attempted to use knife and scissors to kill himself, Julius said "we saw a knife and scissors in front of him, obviously, he must have attempted to use that on himself before he decided to hang himself"
One of the residents of the area, Mr Rabiu, also told our correspondent that the deceased was very close to his family while he was alive, but was disappointed in his action of taking his own life. He further asserted that investigation actually revealed that Solo stole the 2000 pounds, as the people through whom he deposited the money had admitted that the said amount of money was given to them for deposit.  According to Mr. Rabiu, Solo was such a quiet boy and never had problem with people while he was alive.
As at the time of this report, some policemen from the Dawaki police station have begun investigation into the matter. Also, sources close to Solo had revealed that his relatives were on their way from Kaduna, and may arrive Abuja on Friday night.

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