Wednesday, 1 August 2012

5 Teenagers Accused Of Gangraping Underage School Girl

It never ends does it, the gory crimes the crazy stories behind the crimes and the victims of these crimes.Five teenagers accused of gang raping an underage schoolgirl in Bihar, north-eastern India, now say that they all want to become her husband.
The five were independently arrested after the incident at an apartment in the region's capital Patna.
Named in court as Prashant Jha, Sushant, Rahul Lama, Ranvijay and Armaan Ali, it is believed that Prashant was in a relationship with the victim at the time of the offense.
The accused filmed the act and tried to make edited copies of the clip at an internet cafe. The owner of the cafe has also been arrested in connection with the incident.
A police officer connected with the case said that the boys were all now saying that they wish to marry their victim - who is not identified for legal reasons.
He said: 'During interrogation, they felt ashamed of their act and repented before they were produced in court.'
But investigators say that the gang had waited an entire month after the incident before going to an Internet cafe near their school to make copies of their video clip.
Police allege that the gang planned to blackmail the young victim in the future.
While the gang's individual ages have not been released, three of them have been sent to Beur Model Central Jail in Patna, while the other two are at a remand home in Patna City.
Police are waiting for the victim's final medical report.
Culled From Mailonline

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