Monday, 13 August 2012


Pop singer Timaya welcomed his first child – a baby girl in May 2012n but the identity of his baby mama has remained a secret. Well now there’s a photo for you to check out.NET learns that the lady who stole Timaya’s heart is Barbara, a singer and budding actress. The dark skinned lady, who is in her 20s, is believed to have met Timaya in 2010.
Fans of the ‘Dem Mama Soldier’ boss might be disappointed to know that there won’t be any wedding bells ringing soon, as Timaya says he’s not considering marriage for now. ‘I wanted to have a baby by Barbara because she is my kind of woman; the kind of woman I’d like to spend the rest of my life with and this was why I decided from the outset that I’d go the whole hog with her. But she knows that marriage is not something we will dabble into now’, Timaya told E-Punch a few days after Barbara gave birth.
However, he is focused on catering for their needs. Timaya (whose’s real name is Enetimi Odom) named his daughter Emmanuella Perere Timaya. ‘I’m building my own dynasty which is why my baby and the other ones that would come after her would bear Timaya as their surname, not Odom’ he explains.
‘Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities which are beyond financial or material things. God has blessed me with everything a man needs to have a successful married life and you can bet that Emmanuella and Barbara will get the best of everything money can buy, but personally, I don’t feel ready for it‘.
Reports say Timaya put Barbara and Emmanuella in an apartment in the heart of Ikeja, and bought her a GL Fomatic 450 Benz, valued at about N13m.
Since breaking up with former lover Empress Njamah, Timaya has managed to stay out of controvers – He recently released his fourth album ‘Upgrade,’ cut his hair, and is said to be busy performing at high-paid shows.
‘The music industry is growing bigger by the day and very soon, indolent artistes would be swept to the background. I don’t want to be a yesterday star; neither do I want to end up being a fleeting star, I want to continue being relevant. That is why I am putting my everything into music and God is blessing the work of my hands‘ Timaya says
Timaya with Emmanuella a few days after she was born

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