Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Okotie To Estranged Wife ''Go To CNN If You Like...''

Pastor Chris Okotie is the founder of household of God church but he must love controversy or controversy must love him definitely!Two marriages down the drain and the decorated man of God is still running his mouth on estranged wife stephanie like one who has diarrhea.
He turned his sunday service of sunday august 12,2012 to his personal issue when he began talking about his estranged wife stephanie henshaw.
The man of GOD literally tore her apaprt before his audience when he told his congregation that if stephanie liked she could go to CNN or BBC but that he would never take her back and compared her to the biblical jezebel and categorically said that if other men of God do not judge he okotie will do just that....
Okotie has also taken back most of the expensive gifts he gave stephanie during their time together including the Benz S class he gave her as wedding gift and the BmwX6 he gave her on her birthday.both cars have been repainted and number plates changed!
I dont care what happened between this but he should respect her and altogether shut up!
if he is not willing to tell us what her crime is that she cannot be forgiven he should keep quiet.
Since he is sitting down and judging her and not telling anyone why he also puts himself ina position to be criticized,i am sure he does not care.
It is a pity that a supposed respected man of God is doing the linen washing in public over someone who shared his bed for the few years they were together.
Maybe he should spend more time questioning his manhood as to why it has not ejaculated a child for him yet instead of trying to divert attention to what is not.
Since he decides to disgrace her without saying why i am calling out his manhood to prove itself why it should have the tag'man' attached to it.
May God forgive me if i am wrong for doing this!

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