Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big Brother Africa Host Ik Osakioduwa's Tips To Getting A Man. Do You Agree?


The Radio/Tv presenter, Big Brother Africa Live Show host, happily married lover and daddy said this morning:
I'm vexing on the show this morning, trying to help ladies find guys. lolSo Ik went ahead to list out 6 tips so far on how ladies can get a good dude for themselves. So, here.
Take a read and let me know if there's any of the tips you agree with.
1. Learn to do solo trips. It's just easier for most guys to step to a girl on her own, than one in a pack of girls
2.Make friends with married women. They know what guys want more than your single friends (that's why they're married)
3. Be careful not to be TOO INDEPENDENT. Learn to gain from your man's presence in your life. Guys need to be needed
4.Drop guys that take all ur time without really chasing u. They block other guys. No IWC= Intimacy Without Commitment!
5. Make an effort. Try to look nice. Work out. Guys like babes. Get that Don King hair done, stop forming"Oh Naturale"
6. Don't give it ALL up. Leave some for marriage. Perfect the art of giving previews. Nobody pays for free stuff. 

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