Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dear thattatafochick: My Boyfriend Is Too Archaic It Worries Me

Dear thattatafochick readers,
My name is Cynthia (Not real name)
And I've been dating this guy 4 some years now. We are in the 3rd year of our relationship. And i knew he grew up from the village and was trained by his grandmother(very old woman) although he has been displaying some annoying local champion attitude from the begining, i over looked it and thot that it would change with time, but recently its getting so annoying dat its begining to embarasse me u wont even believ he is a graduate.he is just 29.
He wil not take proper medication to cure his sickness. he wil go down to village to hav one native doctor beat out wat dey call pin from his body. Atimes ordinary malaria wil last a whole month in his body as a result. Always chewin garlik and all sorts of local herb which leaves his mouth smellin funny all d time.
Dosent beliv in romance anymore , our sex life has bcome so rigid, he just want to f**k without any form of 4play. Says romance is for d white man.
He prefers d company of very old piple or very small boys dat just left sec skul and says his mates dosent know wat dey r doing,,, dis is coming from sombody dat belives C ronaldo uses charm to play football
. He Dresses funny atimes. And his views on life generally is archaic.the other day we visited a married couple friends of ours and dey served us springles potatotoe snack and he just flong the thin away saying dat its food for pigeons dat dey shuld boil yam for him to eat wit red oil,which dey did. Althou we laughed at it. I was just embarassed. I dont even want to talk abt how he spent overr 950k buyin ordinary 2nd hand audi 80 car, just because he belives dat an old model car is better than new model. even though he complaind bitterly of bein broke.
now he says he wants to park and go and live in the village dat i shuld join him. I m thinking of dumping him cos dis is not wat i want in a man, but d only thin is dat he is too handsome.and he has a good heart.
Worried girl.

Hehehehe!!!laff don scatter my belle. Now jokes apart! Oya readers, over to you

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  1. SPRINGLES O_o.....hahahahah!!!!! Oh my gosh. Infact Una fit urselves...LMFAO