Saturday, 22 September 2012

Disabled Boy Walks To School On His Hands Each Day For The Past Four Years

A ten-year-old boy has reportedly been walking to school on his hands each day for the past four years in China after his legs were paralysed.
Yan Yuhong, from China's southwest Sichuan Province, suffered a serious fever when he was a one-year-old which left him partially paralysed because his parents could not afford medical treatment.
The 10-year-old does use crutches to get around but said he prefers to walk on his hands to school because he can move faster.
The journey takes him one-and-a-half hours each way and he has to wake up long before all the other students to get to class on time.
Yan's sister carries his backpack for him and sometimes his grandmother — who has looked after him since his parents moved to the city for work — carries him if he is too tired.
Yan received a government disability card last year and said authorities promised him a wheelchair but he does not know when he will get it.
But Yan said he is determined to finish school regardless.
"Studying is my dream, I will study hard and repay my grandmother in the future", he said.

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