Thursday, 18 October 2012

AT LAST!!! The Faces Of The ALUU UNIPORT Student Killers Exposed


This is the exclusive photos of the suspects that beat the four innocent students to death, God help us in this country, every criminal look pitiful and innocent once they are arrested.
1) Alhaji Hassan Walewa (M) (one of the key persons that encouraged the mob to burn the 4 students)

2) Coxson Lelebori Lucky, a.k.a Bright (M) large

3) Cynthia Chinwo (F)

4) Felemo Solomon (M)

5) Ozioma Abajuo (M)

6) Chigozie Samuel Evans (M)

See Cythia for front!!! Cynthia where your poko friends, Stella, Oyinye and Chinyere?

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