Sunday, 24 June 2012

I Glamorously Show God’s glory through my Dressing – Rev. Roselyn Oduyemi

Rev. Roselyn Oduyemi, the widow of the late Gabriel Oduyemi and the General Overseer of the Bethel Worship Centre for all Nations is known for her grasp of the Bible. In this interview with Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare, she speaks of her vision, challenges of taking over the ministry, women empowerment and sundry issues.

HOW has life been without your husband?
New, different, challenging but exciting because I find myself doing so many things. Sometimes I wonder that if he were to see me now, I know he would be quite proud of me.

What are the gaps and that his demise has caused and how have you been able to deal with them?
Well, first of all you are dealing with someone you love terribly and who loved you a lot. He is not here, of course I will feel that vacuum. The gap is there but as time goes on, you will learn to deal with it with prayer. By committing everything to God, you will learn to handle such moments. You will realize that there is so much for you to do. You must move on and that is really it. And I have decided that I will never be an object of pity. I know that my life has changed; I know that God has a lot for me to do. I know he has plans for my life. God spoke to me that he would open a door of destiny and I had a choice to walk into the door with confidence, boldness.

What has been your support?
God. He says he is the very present help in times of trouble. He says ‘be still and know that I am God.’ He says ‘I will never leave nor forsake you without support; I will not disappoint you; I will never leave you.’ God surrounded me with good people, supportive pastors, men and women who believe in me. So that’s really been good.

What is your vision for the ministry?
I would say we are raising chosen champions for the church. I said to the church, we are going into historical booth camp, where we are raising men and women who will go out with the gospel. If you look at the book of Isaiah chapter six, it says the spirit of the Lord is upon me. Look at the first part of the scripture, deliverance, healings things happening.

How spiritually were you prepared to take over the church?
Excuse me! I was married to a man who didn’t put me behind. We did the work together and it was not strange; we ministered together; we went to places together, to national conferences and he introduced me as his wife and a woman of God. He would give me his time to speak. How many men can do that?

How has been the experience as a woman in the ministry?
Interesting. We did the work together. It was easy, because even the men knew me as a woman of God and it has been the same. I gained their support and then I think again that it is His grace; it’s just his grace. I am not trying to be anything or anybody. I am taking a step at a time. I am not fighting. I am not trying to be anything else. I am just me.

Don’t people say that you are too glamorous for a woman of God?
Yes I am glamorous. Okay look at me. Am I half dressed or wearing a transparent cloth? What you are seeing is the glory of God. There are certain people I have to reach. I am not going to meet them looking unkempt or dirty. I have a friend whose husband was a former minister. She told me that when her brother became born again, he changed drastically in appearance. She finally gave her life to Christ when someone else ministered to her and reached her and for three years she prayed and fasted. She is an intercessor. There are people that when you see them, you won’t know they are born again, I see myself as an undercover agent of God. There is a church for everybody so that on that day you wont have any excuse.

Within the ministry, what are the gaps that your husband’s demise has left?
A lot. He was a father, a loving husband, a wonderful partner. I am just talking now because I have gone through the process of healing. I can’t just wash him away. My God! I miss him so much. He was there for me.

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