Friday, 20 July 2012

Meet Jonah Falcon the Man with the World’s Biggest penis

Size matters when you’re Jonah Falcon and you have to walk through a TSA checkpoint at the airport. Falcon, 41, has the distinction of having the World’s biggest penis — certified by the Guinness Book of World records. Falcon’s sizable peen measures 10 inches flaccid, and 13.5 inches when erect. His unusual package caught the eye of a young TSA agent at San Francisco International airport on July 9. The male agent demanded to know what Falcon was packing in his pants.
“It’s my dick,” Falcon answered. “I had my stuff strapped to the left. I wasn’t erect at the time,” Falcon said in an interview with the Huffington Post. Heheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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